Volunteer for IWARelief

Every year IWARelief will organise a wide range of amazing fundraising events around the UK. Getting involved as an event volunteer is a great way to support our work: you can help us to run an amazing event and at the same time give our supporters a fantastic experience. Doing this encourages some great fundraising along the way for IWARelief’s essential life-saving work.

Fund Raising from Marathons

There are so many ways to support IWARelief and help change lives of some of the poorest people in the world from running a Marathon to taking Part in a walk.

Fundraise with Schools

Try our Gender Teaching Resources for secondary schools - learn, fundraise, and help us to tackle inequality.

Fundraise with Your Community

Get together with your church and other community groups to fundraise for IWARelief. Get ideas, inspiration and advice for your own fundraising activity or event .

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