Social Welfare

Propelling Oneness, Love, and Solidarity

While every effort has been towards disasters impact on survives some of whom may be still recovering from injuries traumatised by the experience, uncertain of the future and unable to provide for their own welfare, at least in the short term. We focus on providing adequate flexible service to suite needs.


We support the after disaster homelessness through the different range of services available to identify the needs and gaps in service for homeless people. Build, develop and sustain partnerships which enables collaboration on projects. Identify new and innovative working practices which supports homeless people, ensure that the homeless have a voice and that it is heard, develop a platform for information, communication, conducting surveys and research through the website.


Helping young victim overcome the hard time by supporting and encouraging them to continue their education


Tackling the challenges of the after disaster affect and reducing the impact by helping victims into employment enabling the effected population to get back on track within a short time period.


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