Service Overview

Propelling Oneness, Love, and Solidarity

IWARelief is a non governmental organisation working with churches and other charities in the UK and across Africa to support communities hit by disasters.

We engage in emergency preparedness, response and recovery from emergencies. We also advocate for people in need, promote preparedness and facilitate sustainable solutions

We evaluate the needs of vulnerable people and communities hit by disasters locally and internationally.

Working together with local non-profit and non-governmental organizations in project countries, including capacity building programmes through new and unique ways that are responsive to needs.

War, conflict and civil unrest, also create million of refugees, whom we often work with as well, for example in the rehabilitation of their home and communities. We also engage with communities in Africa to fight the depletion of forest and forest systems and the devastating impact and  drought, desertification, floods with a potential impact in foot security.

                                Post-disaster Mitigations
 Rehabilitation of Victims, homes and communities.
We tackle post-disaster issues like homelessness, education and unemployment, and work with refugees created as a
 result of war, Conflicts and civil unrest.

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