Huricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones and Earthquakes

Propelling Oneness, Love, and Solidarity

In response to Hurricane, typhoons, cyclones, floods, sand storms, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes, IWARelief will quickly establish afield presence, deploying multi-skilled teams of experts to support the efforts of governments, local communities as well as persons directly affected,

providing emergency assistance in the areas of healthcare, the supply of essential medicines, water and sanitation facilities as well as shelter for vulnerable groups such as the aged, women and children.
Our Services support health system recovery, running mobile medical units, restoring access to power and safe drinking water, and distributing emergency relief items
IWARelief provides generators to seven clinics and hospitals that would otherwise have severely limited or no operating capacity. As the power grid comes back online, generators are relocated to health clinics in greater need, ensuring that more clinics have the opportunity to provide access to care. We also provide water bladders with a 500-gallon storage capacity to six health facilities help increase access to potable water. In addition we make cash grants to clinics for fuel, minor infrastructure improvements, and staff wellness activities to ensure facilities can operate without interruption.
IWARelief  works with partner organization to restore internet and communications capabilities for health facilities. Also distributing hygiene kits as well as wound care kits, solar lights, and other supplies that can help families stay healthy in the aftermath of crises.
Our volunteer medical teams, comprise of doctors and nurses, are deployed to some of the hardest hit areas. The teams are supporting hospitals and community health clinics, relieving overworked staff, and making home visits to vulnerable households, including the elderly and single-headed households who are unable to travel to health facilities for treatment. Providing support for reconstruction of houses and resettlement of displaced population.

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