Relief Across Frontiers - Donating to Health Care Institutions

IWA Relief in association with our African partners based in Cameroon distributed consignments of diverse items in enhancing Rehabilitation Centers, amongst them SAJOCAH BAFUT (Centre for Rehabilitation, Vocational Training and Empowerment) in Health and Social Welfare domains.

Picture above: Charity visit of IWA Relief partners in Cameroon to SAJOCAH Bafut in North West Region of Cameroon, where the IWA Relief program Cordinator for Cameroon is handing over relief supplies to the Management team of SAJOCAH.

Standing on our Values and Assistance provision principles, the gifts are better managed when handed to reputable institutions that act as Foster Centres, as well as to some to Foster parents for a reliable follow up. IWA Relief Cameroon also posseses a wide data bank of less privileged/vulnerables whose follow up is directly managed by IWA Relief Cameroon.  Visits and donations like this one to SAJOCAH are carried out within the context of IWA Relief Cameroon programs in the following areas:

 i)Medical Assistance;

 ii) Provision of Academic needs to the less privilege;

 iii) Enhancement of Vocational Training – SAJOCAH ICT Centre;

 iv) Food assistance and clothing.

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