IWA Relief

Propelling Oneness, Love, and Solidarity

IWARelief strives to support the homeless through the myriad range of services available:

  • To identify the needs and gaps in service for homeless people
  • To build, develop and sustain partnerships which enables collaboration on projects

Desertification is a big issue in the world today and IWARelief is helping communities identify some of the causes such as Climate change, overdrawing of ground water, deforestation, desert encroachment, diminishing wetlands, natural disasters and tillage practices in agriculture that places the soils more vulnerable to wind.


The political situation  in the English speaking region of Cameroon has caused refugee flows into neighboring countries such as Nigeria. According to UNHCR  20.000 thousand refugees have registered with UNHCR as of April 2018. In addition, there are 160.000 forcibly displaced persons in the english speaking region of Cameroon. The figures are now much higher especially given the burning down of homes, hospitals with patients, towns and villages (at least 150 already) as well as massive and widespread targeted killings of people. The IDPs are hiding in the forests, bushes, caves and hills.

We can't stop disasters. But we can make sure We're ready for them.

IWARelief is committed to ease the suffering caused by a disaster. Our emergency assistance includes fixed/mobile feeding stations, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, food, clothing, emergency transportation, rent, home repairs, household items, and medical supplies. 

Additional assistance for long-term recovery may be provided when other relief assistance and/or personal resources are not adequate to meet disaster-caused needs. IWARelief works with Local governments and other agencies providing disaster assistance.

We provide ongoing support in situations of unemployment in collaboration with our partners. This support includes:  Health assessments, diagnosis support and occupational health support, to help you overcome any health-related barriers to work and training.

IWARelief and partners work to support communities in situations of health emergencies. We support the vaccination of people in response to disease outbreak such as yellow fever, Ebola. IWARelief Provides access to safe water as one of the most effective instruments in promoting health and reducing poverty. We help construct toilets and Latrines for local communities.