Refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon

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The political situation  in the English speaking region of Cameroon has caused refugee flows into neighboring countries such as Nigeria. According to UNHCR  20.000 thousand refugees have registered with UNHCR as of April 2018. In addition, there are 160.000 forcibly displaced persons in the english speaking region of Cameroon. The figures are now much higher especially given the burning down of homes, hospitals with patients, towns and villages (at least 150 already) as well as massive and widespread targeted killings of people. The IDPs are hiding in the forests, bushes, caves and hills.

They are barely surviving on wild roots, leaves and fruits, and sleep in the open air, exposed to inclement weather, to snakes, wild animals, and to mosquitos and other harmful insects. We are particularly concerned about female, child and elderly refugees and IDPs. These vulnerable persons of the most vulnerable groups are confronted with the enormous challenge of access to primary health care including maternity care, school, food, clothing, medication, shelter, means of livelihood, and protection against violence, including rape. They need vital and urgent support.

We work in areas in of humanitarian crises by helping people seriously affected by conflict and disaster. Our specific area of focus in this regard is the thousands of people displaced from their homes and communities by the two-year old conflict in the NW and SW Regions of Cameroon, the neglected conflict area in Africa but which also deserves humanitarian intervention.

Getting relief items to displaced people who are in desperate need in remote areas is not easy and involves crossing rivers without bridges and getting through unmotorable tracks.

Pictures depicts IWARelief crossing the Nwa river with aid for displaced people.

We support refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) with

Essential medicines
Temporary shelter
Water supply
Sanitation facilities
Psycho-social counseling
Educational supplies for and effective teaching for displaced children
Family and community resettlement
Family reconstitution
Community reconstruction
Reconciliation and harmonious community living.
Business set up
Library creation

 Our services also supports refugees in the following Asylum process

1.Processing asylum claims
2.getting the support they are entitled to while they claim asylum
3.homelessness support

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